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Love is the most important thing in life, it is key to happiness and it is what makes life worth living. 

Of all the emotions that we experience in our lives, love is undoubtedly the most powerful. It gives us the strength to get trough times and it is what helps us to overcome challenges and to keep going when things get tough, love makes us happy and fulfilled. Motivates us to do the things we do and that is what drives us to be better people. 

In a world that is often filled with hate and negativity, love is the light that guide us to a better future, something like force that drives us to be kind to one another and to always try to see the best in people and gives us hope when everything seems lost. 

No matter what life throws at us, love will always be the most powerful emotion. It is the thing that makes us human; that makes us truly alive.

Whithout love, life would be empty and meaningless.

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”    -Martin Luter King, Jr.